TAS College Profile 2020-21

T AIPEI A MERICAN S CHOOL 2020-2021 SCHOOL PROFILE In living our mission, we at Taipei American School support our students to know themselves so that they may choose their path and be prepared to enter a world with confidence, sense of self, and compassion. We are a bridge. Our students begin here, their minds open and eager, their goals and aspirations for the future setting their course. Our community bridges the traditions of the West with the spirit of the East. Our American-based educational program is augmented by a deep respect for learning, development, and achievement. Character education is central; the Honor Committee helps keep the Honor Code a living, relevant part of daily life in the Upper School. Finally, a major initiative across all three divisions of the Taipei American School community is a focus on wellbeing and living a balanced, self-reflective life while working to build, communicate, and celebrate each individual’s unique character strengths. LEADERSHIP TEAM Interim Head of School, Dr. Grace Cheng Dodge dodgegc@tas.edu.tw Upper School Principal, Mr. Andrew Lowman, lowmana@tas.edu.tw COLLEGE COUNSEL ING Director of College Counseling, Mrs. Melanie Brennand Hamre, hamrem@tas.edu.tw AP/IB Coordinator & College Counselor, Mr. Warren Emanuel, emanuelw@tas.edu.tw College Counselor, Ms. Dabina Gim, gimd@tas.edu.tw College Counselor & College Visit Coordinator, Mr. John Gursky, gurskyj@tas.edu.tw College Counselor, Ms. Shanice Kok, koksh@tas.edu.tw ACCREDITATION US-based Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Membership in National Association of Independent Schools COURSE OFFERINGS GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS TAS does not rank students. Each student must complete 22 credits of required study including: The majority of our students pursue advanced coursework in at least one discipline beyond the AP or IB level; approximately 12% of graduates choose to earn the full IB Diploma. Every student carries a minimum of six courses; four must qualify as core courses (English, History, Science, Mathematics, World Language). All students must take courses in public speaking as well as computer science and robotics in order to graduate. English 4.0 credits Mathematics 3.0 credits Science 3.0 credits Social Sciences 3.0 credits Foreign Language 3rd year proficiency Computer Science & Robotics .5 credits Performing & Visual Arts 1.0 credits Physical Education 2.0 credits Public Speaking 1.0 credits Electives 4.5 credits 30 AP Courses 49 IB Courses 83 Honors Courses The Class of 2021 is comprised of 187 students; over 15% of them have spent their entire academic life at Taipei American School. All students hold a foreign passport, with the majority holding American citizenship. Each year, 80% of our graduates attend colleges and universities in the United States; the rest enroll in tertiary education around the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. TAS students submit an average of just 10 applications for admission. THE SCHOOL THE CLASS OF 2021 9:1 Student to Faculty Ratio 9 Length in Years of Average Faculty Tenure 12 Average class size in the Upper School 99% of Students Take at Least One AP or IB Course by Graduation 82% of Upper School Faculty Hold a Master’s or Doctoral Degree 100% of Students take courses in public speaking, computer science, and the arts 70% of Students Hold an American Passport ACADEMIC & PERSONAL COUNSELING Director of Academic & Personal Counseling and Grade 12 Counselor, Mr. Ryan Haynes haynesr@tas.edu.tw In compliance with the NACAC SPGP: CEPP, in cases where universities require or request, TAS reports all suspensions, withdrawals, and dismissals. 800 Zhongshan North Road, Section 6, Shilin District, Taipei 11152 Taiwan ROC CEEB #694210