US College Profile 2021-22 - 8.26.21

Title Test Op�onal Submi�ed Tests to Colleges WORLD-CLASS FACILITIES A six-story, open planned facility on campus dedicated to STEAM education with a focus on design, technology, and robotics. 500 students and faculty use this state-of-the- art strength and fitness center each day, with full-time trainers at hand. One of three theaters on campus, the Kevin B. Held Black Box Theater provides an intimate performance space. AT A GLANCE COURSE OFFERINGS & LEARNING PATHS TIGER HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER KEVIN B. HELD BLACK BOX THEATER SOLOMON WONG TECH CUBE TAS offers nearly 200 Honors-level or higher courses, including the AP and IB curricula. Students may choose to pursue either the AP Capstone Diploma, the full IB Diploma, or select a mix of classes. The majority of students will pursue advanced coursework in at least one discipline at or beyond the AP or IB level; an average of 13-15% of students choose to earn the full IB Diploma. A small sample of interesting and diverse courses reflecting the depth and breadth of TAS offerings include: Students may be selected to serve as Teaching Assistants, working closely with faculty to help deliver material to their fellow students after mastering the subject themselves. Students may also pursue independent research for credit off campus at local universities or academic institutions. 31 AP Courses SUMMER ACADEMY Summer Academy courses listed on transcripts should be taken into account when considering the rigor of a student’s academic profile. For over 20 years, the Taipei American School Summer Academy program has provided the TAS community with rigorous acadmic opportunities over the summer months. During the programs two-week or four-week sessions, students have the opportunity for enrichment in core study areas, advancement through the curriculum by fulfilling graduation requirements, and the pursuit of passions and interests in new areas. Summer Academy credit courses are not remedial, are quite, rigorous and require a significant amount of time. 500 AP Students 1,173 AP Exams Taken 32 IB Courses 136 IB Students 323 IB Exams Taken 157 AP Scholars with Distinction 38 Average diploma score TAS is a member of Global Online Academy (GOA), a consortium of leading independent schools from around the world whose mission is to reimagine learning to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally networked society. GLOBAL ONLINE ACADEMY CLASS OF 2022 AP & IB COURSE LOAD CLASS OF 2021 TEST SUBMISSION AP & Honors IB & Honors Mixture of AP & IB Other AP & Honors 27% IB & Honors 22% Chose test- optional applications 60% Submitted tests to colleges 40% • Architecture (Honors track available) • Honors Artificial Intelligence • Honors Film Production (five levels available) • Forensic Science • Honors Advanced Greek & Latin • Honors Seminar: History of Minorities in America • Honors International Relations • Literature, Justice, & Law • Honors Music Production & Technology • Honors Research: Nanotechnology • Honors Quantum Mechanics & Relativity • Honors Robotic Engineering • Honors Research: Synthetic Biology Mixture of AP & IB Courses 41% Other 10%